“My profound thanks for the amazingly packed day that was the ‘womb to world conference’! My first one! I found it enlightening, surprising, sometimes shocking, but ultimately inspiring, encouraging and motivating! Grateful that there are so many thoughtful and inspiring people, seeking improvements for birth, babies, parents, families and healthcare professionals! Thank you!”

“It was an excellent choice of speakers whose words were well related to each other’s, I was almost tempted to think they had got their heads together beforehand…”

“Thank you so much for your model and commitment to the rebirth of ‘light’ into the world. This conference has been inspiring and encouraging to the deeper call of yoga in my life at this time and my own commitment to humanity”. (Penny Allport)

Thank you for the conference: I am very inspired.” (midwife)

I returned revitalized and enthused. I really appreciated the international flavour of the speakers and delegates , which gave the feeling that our work has a wide perspective and is valued and supported. As a practitioner, these things are important! When is the next one going to be?” (baby yoga teacher)

Truly inspirational, amazing collection of speakers. I am so glad I was able to share in this fantastic journey.” (Prenatal Yoga Teacher)

Absolutely light and life changing.

An amazing conference, truly fantastic, unique and inspiring. Good venue, good food, nice stalls, stimulating participants, with a good balance of experience and research, thank you.”  (Prenatal Yoga Teacher and Doula)

A huge heartfelt thank you to everyone from the Birthlight team for these wonderfully stimulating 3 days and great opportunity for meeting and exchange. May the Birthlight ripples of joy reach far and wide to help make this world a more human place.” (Cranio-sacral therapist)

“Fantastic, warm, loving, inspiring conference, thank you all deeply.”

“An amazing conference with some fantastic speakers, thank you for all your input.”

“I have loved every precious minute. I feel if I have been on holiday. I came here very disheartened with my work in the NHS because of oppressive behaviour. I am now fired with renewed enthusiasm, and will return refreshed, thank you.”

“Anna Verwaal stands out as one of the best contributors, both in her material and style of delivery. Growing openness and enthusiasm in the conference.” (Midwife)

“Brilliant conference. Ina May said it was remarkable and thought much would come from it. I felt the selection of speakers was excellent and covered a broad spectrum of areas to do with birthing.  Hearty thanks to the Birthlight team and Francoise.” (therapist)

“Monsieur Leboyer’s approach was momentarily upsetting but altogether interesting to witness and followed up beautifully by Professor Glover.” (infant psychologist)

“What a fabulous event! Thank you so much for the opportunity to be together for the 3 full days. A terrific achievement.  A huge thank you to all the wonderful volunteers!”

“Truly a great conference, beautiful people and a wealth of learning.”

“Great conference, great speakers. I feel honoured to have met in one space so many key figures of the natural birth world.  It gave me hope that there is a new generation of lights to lead the way…”

“As a practicing midwife, there was much of the conference which I can use. Much corresponded with my philosophy of practice, much of the information was familiar to me but I also learned much, especially about the psychology of newborns.  Most important to me will be the follow up of the themes begun here.”

“Good collection of speakers with so many disciplines.”

“All the speakers were inspirational and passionate in their chosen fields, which made it such a joy to listen to. I am so glad I made the long trip at quite a lot of expense as it inspires me to go home and bring the message  to women on the other side of the world.”

“Absolutely fabulous! an educational, enlightening, inspiring event, thank you again I feel so privileged to be a small part of the Birthlight family.”

“To bring so many renowned speakers for an event must be commended.”

“A very special time, truly memorable, with a marvelous close. This is a truly remarkable step forward.”

“A useful balance between the negative and the positive. It’s good to have hope for the future, together we can change things… very inspiring and thought provoking conference.”